Festivals of Dubai

Dubai, one of the emirates of UAE, is predominantly Islamic city. It has to follow all norms concerned with the same religion. Throughout the year the city also celebrates various festivals that attracts cluster of tourists from all over the globe.


The ninth month of Islamic Calendar is Ramadan. Muslims from all over the world revels this holy month with great zeal. The month is considered as tome for fasting, Muslims sits on the fence from eating, drinking and smoking; they also shun evil acts, thoughts and words too. These thirty days are dedicated to God and cleanse the soul; ergo it known as "month of blessings". It is a time where everyone prays and apologize for the sins they did throughout their life. Every year the Holy month occurs on different dates and commences as sun downs. Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the sacred month. It is celebrated by exchanging sweets and dining together with family and friends. Whole city is imbued with resplendent colors, scrumptious delicacies and many more. Charity is important part of the month; Muslims donate whatever possible from their side to the poor people.

Even the emirate city, Dubai, celebrates this soulful month with great enthuse. The tourists are asked to follow the norms of the occasion. All restaurants are closed at nautical days of the month.

Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha is the second most important festival for Muslims. According to the Islamic calendar it occurs on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. It is celebrated in the tribute & remembrance of Prophet Abraham who sacrificed his first son Ishmael as an act of submission to God's command along with Ishmael's acceptance of being sacrificed; albeit God meddled the act later. This sacred festival is reveled for four continuous days. It is popularly known as 'Feast of the Sacrifice', 'Eid- e Qurban, or 'The Greater Eid'. Muslims from all over the world visits Mecca, holy place, to complete their Hajj pilgrimage. Many malls of Dubai are open till late nights on this occasion; the city welcomes tourists from the entire world with open arms. Tourists who visit Mecca on Eid Al Adha turns to Shopping city later to spend some quality time with the family.


Dubai being Islamic emirate celebrates Diwali with great enthuse. The city's second most dominating population after Islam is Hindu. All Hindus celebrate Diwali traditionally along with other residents of the city. The city is looks colorful and is imbued with smell of scrumptious sweets. Temple in Bur Dubai is packed with Hindus on this occasion. Indian restaurants take equally part in the occasion by offering discounts on Indian cuisine. The city is colored with fireworks and resplendent lights.

Apart from religious festivals, the city organizes various entertaining festivals for young and old. Dubai was once bagatelle and contemporarily is the paradise for shopaholics. With tremendous changes, today the city hosts enormous festivals for their residents as well as tourists. The idea behind such organized festivals is to grab attention from globetrotters.

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

DSF is the cynosure among all other festivals. Every shopaholic eagerly waits for this fantastic shopping festival. This event begins within few days of new years and lasts for around a month. This single event attracts around three million tourists from worldwide. The festival offers discounts on everything including cars, electronics, perfume, gold, fabrics, textiles, food items and many more. It is the brightest chance to grab your favorite items which can be bought for a song. Shopaholic women can take this opportunity to buy alluring & exquisite jewelry costing next to nothing. Since 1996 the city hosts this enticing shopping festival. With this event Dubai gets its alternative name "Shopping arcade". More than 2300 retail outlets participate in the shopping paradise. There are various events organized in the festivals for the entertainment of the tourists. It also represents universal brotherhood.

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Festival stands next after Dubai Summer Surprises in terms of entertainment. Dubai Mall proudly houses this festival for 10 unbroken weeks commencing from end of June to September. With this entertaining summer festival, the emirate has marked its name as one of the best international summer holiday destinations. The festival offers immense shopping deals. This shopping fiesta is much awaited festival that has everything for everyone.

Dubai is a planned land to entice globetrotters. It has all that offers endless entertainment. Leisure and entertainment goes hand in hand in the city. Other entertaining festivals include Festival of Taste for foodies, Dubai Art Fair, Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai International film festival, National Day Festival, Dubai Desert Concert and many more events. Dubai with cluster of such events and festivals lures tourists from all over the world.