Dubai Dolphin Show

Dubai, till date, is the best planned city in the world. Dubai's tourism offers endless options for entertainment. Dubai's Dolphin Show is one of the best part of city's tourism. It attracts flock of tourists from all over the world. It is light hearted show that can be enjoyed by everyone. The idea behind this dolphin show is to entertain tourists. The Dolphinarium is located in the heart of the city, Children's City near Creek side.

In Middle East, it's the first air conditioned Dolphinarium in Dubai. There is group of five bottlenose dolphins. They all are well trained and are amicable. The show is of mere 45 minutes show where Dolphins entertain everyone with their skillful acts like jumping from hoops and more. It's a world known fact that Dolphins are the most intelligent animal on earth. This fact is proven in 45minutes show. For the convenience of the tourists, the show is in bilingual; Arabic and English. With 5000 sq m, it has 1250 seats. It houses different pools for the mammals.

Apart from dolphin show, there are various activities for children's entertainment. It hosts birthday parties for kids, school field trips, kid's activities in kids corner, fun meal and many more. The dolphinarium also features restaurant, mini 5D cinema theatre, mysterious mirror maze and seal show. The thought behind the game is to educate and motivate young generation to protect marine life and environment. The show also includes seals’ performance. Shows on weekends are with clowns, mascots, magic show, puppets, jugglers and many more.

While in Dubai, visiting Dolphinarium is highly favored. One can spend 3-4 hours around the Dolphinarium apart from the show. It is heartwarming and gives treat to eyes.